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Mishpachah Matters is the monthly newsletter of Bet Mishpachah. It is provided to members, for free, in print and digital versions.

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Latest Issue

March-April 2017

In this issue...

  • Maggie Anton guest scholar for April 28-29 Shabbaton
  • Rabbi’s Spring classes begin March 16
  • Donate to Queen Esther Fund at March 11 Purim Service
  • Join LGBT refugees for dinner March 18
  • Passover Seder matching program
  • Women’s Outreach Series begins March 24
  • Nominations accepted for congregational service awards
  • Saturday Salon class continues
  • Guest Torah chanter at services March 25
  • Sell your chametz for Passover
  • Richard Krampf Fund Donations
  • World Congress meets in Buenos Aires
  • Rabbi Green’s column
  • . . . and so much more!

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